Mauna Kea Summit on Your 2023 Hawaiian Honeymoon
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Mauna Kea Summit on Your 2023 Hawaiian Honeymoon

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It's the traditional, romantic scene: two lovers under the stars, gazing at the heavens and finding the power of romance. It's a lovely situation, isn’t it? Now, imagine that you’re on your holiday to Hawaii and you're doing all of this from the top of highest point in the most romantic spot on earth. Mauna Kea Summit is the highest spot in the state of Hawaii. It raises 4,205 feet above sea level and is one of the only spots in Hawaii where you can actually get cold. In fact, the mountain is usually white capped with snow. Yes, in Hawaii.

The Mauna Kea Star Gazing Adventure

Many Mauna Kea Star Gazing adventure programs do it right! First you'll get picked up at your hotel or somewhere in Kailua Kona. From there you can head to the Mauna Kea Visitor Center for some dining and to acclimate yourself to the colder temperature on the mountain. Next, you'll be given parkas and hats before you board a four-wheel vehicle for a short, ½ hour trip to the summit area.

Once there, and the lights from the vehicles are turned off, then you'll soon understand why some of the world's largest and most powerful telescopes are stationed on the summit.

You'll almost feel like you're amongst the stars. You'll pull your loved one closed to you in the chilly air of the night and cuddle while you both point out stars, planets and constellations. You might even find that this is the perfect opportunity to pop that big question, guys!

Is A Tour The Way to Go?

Absolutely. First of all, don't forget that you'll be on a mountain. Second of all, unless you're a trained astronomer then without a guide you might actually miss out on some of the best characteristics that a trip to the Mauna Kea Summit may offer.
You'll visit with the astronomers who are stationed at the summit every day and find out what there life is like. You'll be given star maps so that you'll be able to seek out and identify the stars and planets that you're gazing upon.

Just like a lot of locations in Hawaii, telling about it and looking at pictures of the scenes can only do this sort of spot a certain amount of justice. To truly appreciate the fact that you're looking deep into the universe without artificial light to dampen the effect you have to do it.

The moon will seem like it's at your fingertips. Stars will be brighter and more numerous in the night sky than any other time in your life. A trip to the Mauna Kea Summit during your Hawaiian holiday is truly a trip to remember.

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