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Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island

Kilauea Volcano is pretty much the home of Hawaiian history on the Big Island. Located within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea is amongst the most active volcanoes in the world and may even top the list! Imagine seeing the primal force of Mother Nature create new land and destroy old land while you’re on your Hawaiian holiday.

The volcanic history of Kilauea is nearly unmatched:

34 eruptions since 1952
Constant eruptive activity since January of 1983 (A Volcanic Eruption that has been going on for more than 30 years!)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The park was founded in 1916 and is 333k acres huge. The park stretches from the summit of Maunaloa to the sea. Kilauea’s eastern rift is in a constant flow of slow moving lava. There is cinder and spatter lava activity at the Pu’u O’o. From there, it flows 11km down Pulama Pali through lave tube system and into the ocean. It cools there and forms more volcanic land

Pele and the Volcano

Kilauea is home to one of the fiercest Hawaiian deities: Pele the Volcano Goddess. There are numerous folk songs, chants and oral historical accounts of the volcano erupting over the many, many years. Pele was often angry and everything that could be was done to appease the Goddess in order to not feel her maddened, hot wrath.

Ironically, it is this volcanic activity that formed the entire archipelago of Hawaii and how there is another island, Lo’ihi, forming right now some 35km southeast of the Big Island.

How to Experience Kilauea

Kiluaea Visitor Center

This is where the Kiluaea experience will begin. You start off with an hour long film as introduction to the park. You can also get Park Ranger guided talks and tours.

Halemaumau Crater

A place where you should pay deep respect. The crater is said to be the Home of Pele, herself. In 1967 the crater filled with a lava lake and later drained.

Ultimate Experience: Evening Volcano Explorer Tour

This is the ultimate experience and true way to experience Kilauea and Pele’s true power. The night time guided volcano tour allows you to experience red hot magma as it glows and flows from the active spots.

Where to Stay on Your Hawaii Holiday for Kilauea Volcano Tours

Many Volcano Tours pick up right from hotels. One of the best is the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on Banya Drive in Hilo. The Hawaiian Landmark sits adjacent to the Liliuokalani Gardens.