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Maui Legend Mystery holidays

There is nothing more fun than a few local legends and mysteries to really add life to your holiday in Hawaii. Sure, it’s great to look at photos and videos of Maui online and even better when you are actually experiencing it in real life. However, if you knew a little bit more about the tiny Island of Maui then you might actually enjoy it more.

During your Maui holiday, knowing some history about the island, folklore about the demi-god that the Island is named after and even some mystery, then it will surely add depth to your experience on the island.

When Maui Lassoed the Sun

There are actually many legends about the god Maui lassoing, or the cutting off the legs of the sun. One particularly famous legend says that Maui’s mother made material from tree bark to fashion clothing. She then would dye the material fantastical colors. However, she complained that the sun went “through the sky too fast” and the dyes were still damp when the sun set.

Maui climbed to the summit of Mt. Haleakala and lassoed the sun. He wanted it to move more slowly through the sky. The sun struck a deal with Maui, instead. For 6 months of the year it would move slowly and for the rest of the year it would move at its own desired pace.

Sunrises at the summit of Mt. Haleakala are amongst the most beautiful in the world.

Maui’s Daughter’s Lover

"I will not reduce him to ashes", Maui said.

"Oh, father dear", Maui’s daughter cried out, hugging him.

"I will turn him into stone. Then you may gaze upon him, but your romance will be pau (over)."

Maui’s daughter was very beautiful and the god had already determined that no less than the greatest of kings would have her as a wife. However, Maui’s daughter, fell in love with a merman god by the name of Puuokamoa.

Upon finding out, Maui was enraged and swore to turn the merman to ashes. When his daughter found out what her lover’s fate was to be she became upset and began to cry. Maui could not stand to see his daughter cry and decided that he would not burn the merman to death but instead turn him to stone. Today that stone god can still be seen in the Iao Valley, in the form of the mountain known as the needle.

The Secret of Wainapanapa Cave’s Red Waters

The Wainapanapa Cave on Maui has water that runs with a red hue a couple of times per year. The reason for this, if you believe the legend, is as follows:

Princess Popo’alaea was hiding from her jealous and mean husband. When she was discovered by her violent husband he could not control her rage and killed her in the cave. In honor of the princess and her young death, the waters of the cave will flow red periodically.