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Festivals In Kauai Hawaii

When you are finished exploring Kauai by air, boat, car and foot (yeah, it gets kind of overwhelming because there is so much to do!) then you need time to relax.

So, what better way to relax on your Hawaii holidays than taking in a festival...or three. The three great festivals below will drive you wild with excitement, beauty and even a little romance. Take the time to find out if there are any festivals taking place on Kauai during your visit to the Island and you won't be sorry that you did!

3 Awesome Festivals to Attend When In Kauai

Old Koloa Town (July)

The official name of this festival is the "Koloa Plantation Days" where you will celebrate the historic plantation heritage of the southern Kauai communities.

Spend time at more than 25 activities by sampling different foods, cultures, archaeology, and ecology of the Kauai Island. If you've never had poi before then this is a great time to try it and other purely Hawaiian and Polynesian dishes.

The main events originate in the Poipu Beach Park, but there are numerous activities in different locations around the entire Island.

Mokihana Festival (September)

Perhaps the greatest hula competition in the world. The Mokihana Festival brings together the best hula dancers from the Hawaiian Islands, and around the world, into one competition that will have you mesmerized.

Experience the original culture of the Polynesian people as they conduct their signature dance in an artful form of communication and folk art. The Hula dance is more than just a beautiful, luau activity. It actually speaks if you know how to listen.

Eo E Emalani Alakai Festival (October)

The Eo E Emalani Alakai Festival takes place in Koke'e State Park, and it pays homage to Queen Emma's journey through the Alakai Forest and swamp land. This festival is another hula competition but so much more than that. You will get to experience true Hawaiian culture with a story behind it. Just like true hula is an expression of events and self, the Eo E Emalani festival symbolically and physically tells Queen Emma's story with style, grace and historical significance.

The Festivals of Kauai are very similar the Garden Isle, itself. They are raw, yet tuned. Natural and beautiful with modern flair. When you're on Kauai for your Hawaiian holiday, and you need a break from exploring and attend a festival and be entertained and educated.