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Festivals of the Big Island

When to Visit and Party!

When it’s time to party, the Big Island of Hawaii does it the right way. The Hawaiian Islands and people are experts at taking old world culture and history and combining it with modern attractions, foods and activities.

There are various festivals and celebrations on the Big Island of Hawaii throughout the calendar year. When you take your Hawaiian holiday you can decide to plan your trip around your favorite festivals or do the research once you’re on the Island. Either way, get ready to party while you experience all the art, food, talent and attractions that Big Island Hawaii has to offer!

Top 5 Festivals of Big Island Hawaii (with locations and dates)

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (November)

This is a great festival, not only for the coffee lovers and Kona fans but for the keiki (kids) particularly. There are lots of keiki friendly activities to go along with cultural fun and native Hawaiian arts. The event lasts for 10 days as people from all over the world celebrate two centuries of Kona coffee history.

King Kamehameha Day Festival (June)

There is an annual parade in Kailu-Kona to celebrate what many Hawaiians the father of their culture, King Kamehameha. With everything from the parade to hula competitions, this festival and day of events is a true way to celebrate the proud Hawaiian heritage alongside natives. See poi-pounding competitions, photo displays and Hawaiian wood carvers celebrate and perform all day long.

The Ironman World Championship (October)

Kona is home of the annual Ironman World Championships. The competition consists of a long-distance triathlon that only the toughest and most-fit of competitors from around the world can even qualify for.

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival (June)

The Slack Key Guitar festival started on the Island of Oahu in 1982. Ten years later the festival took root on the Big Island and Maui. The festival pays tribute and features some of the best, smooth, slack-key guitarists in the Islands, the US and the World. If you have a love of music then this fest is the one for you.

Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range & Agricultural Festival (September)

The Hilton Waikola features this tasting and agricultural festival on the Big Island. Some of Hawaii’s (the State’s not just the Island) participate in the tasting and feature their culinary creations to the delight of the many that show up for a taste.