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Maui’s Historic Whaling Town of Lahaina: Ahoy!

After the beaches, the historic village or town of Lahaina is the second most visited destination on Maui. The thousands of visitors who travel through Maui every year try to make it a point to visit Lahaina. In fact, it is estimated that 83% of all visitors on Maui will take a trip to Lahaina. Why not make it a point to stop there on your holiday in Hawaii?

History of Lahaina

The first Polynesian settlers are widely believed to have first set foot on Maui around 450 A.D. Many believe that it was even earlier than that. However, it was not until King Kamehameha made Lahaina the capital of the Hawaiian Island Kingdom that things really set forward for Lahaina. The town remained the capital for 50 years until Honolulu became the current capital.

Due to the calm inner, harbor waters where whaling boats could safely seek refuge and return to after ling trips, coupled with the migrating routes and patterns of the humpback whale, Lahaina was also a very popular and successful whaling port for much of the 1800s.

Another interesting, historical fact about Lahaina is its connection with the famous Banyan Tree. The famous, courthouse Banyan tree was first planted in 1873 by a country sheriff. The location has been used for celebrations over the years including the party for the birth of King Kamehameha III and Hawaii becoming a US territory in 1898. Make it a point to check out the Banyan tree when you’re in Lahaina!

Lahaina Today

Of course, the town has moved through the times with the rest of the world. Whaling is no longer an industry in the United States. Tourism and the preservation of times past have become the major building blocks that Lahaina is currently built upon.

The Whalers Village Museum in Lahaina is a great place to spend a few hours after days in the sun. The museum offers a rich visual and contextual experience about the history of the Hawaiian Island, Lahaina and the whaling industry that flourished for so long.

The ocean is also a big part of the commerce today. There are many seaside restaurants where you can enjoy cool, tropical drinks (or a great beer!) while dining on the freshest catch of the day.

Another great thing to do is to go on a whale watching tour in Lahaina. Letting the kids experience humpback whales first hand is an impression that will stay with them forever. Capture it all on video or images and you can always revisit your holiday to Maui.