The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana: Where Legend Meets Reality

It's always special when something as beautiful as the Road to Hana was once such a necessary part of life. There was actually a time that the Hana Highway was imperative to sugar production and supply from Maui to the United States. Today, the Road to Hana is a spectacularly popular tourist attraction on the Island of Maui.
Some Road to Hana Specifics: 52 miles long, 620 curves, 59 bridges, countless fun!

Maui's Road to Hana: A Journey of Natural Wonders and Delights

Maui's Road to Hana is an iconic and breathtakingly scenic drive that winds along the northeastern coast of the island. This 64-mile stretch of highway showcases the lush beauty of Hawaii, offering travellers an opportunity to experience a diverse range of attractions, including stunning waterfalls, secluded black sand beaches, and delectable treats like fresh banana bread. Along this captivating journey, visitors can also choose to extend their stay in Hana, immersing themselves in the tranquility and charm of this remote coastal town.

The Road to Hana:

The Road to Hana is a winding, narrow highway that meanders through lush rainforests, plunging cliffs, and awe-inspiring coastal vistas. As you embark on this journey, you'll encounter numerous hairpin turns and one-lane bridges, but the reward is an unforgettable adventure through some of Maui's most picturesque landscapes.

Incredible Stops Along the Way:

  • a) Waterfalls: The road is dotted with breathtaking waterfalls, cascading down verdant cliffs into refreshing pools. Notable stops include the magnificent Twin Falls, where you can take a dip in the natural pools, and the enchanting Wailua Falls, plunging 80 feet into a picturesque basin.
  • Black Sand Beaches: Maui's Road to Hana boasts several secluded black sand beaches. One of the highlights is Waianapanapa State Park, famous for its jet-black sands, rugged lava formations, and sea caves. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, explore lava tubes, and witness the power of the crashing waves.
  • Fresh Banana Bread: As you navigate the road, keep an eye out for charming roadside stands and small local shops offering fresh banana bread. This local delicacy, baked with locally grown bananas, is a delectable treat that perfectly complements the journey. Don't miss the opportunity to savour this delightful snack and indulge your taste buds.

Staying in Hana:

  • Hana is a small coastal town located at the end of the Road to Hana. Choosing to extend your stay in Hana offers a chance to immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. The town exudes a laid-back and tranquil vibe, with lush tropical surroundings and serene beaches. There are various accommodations available, ranging from cozy cottages to luxury resorts, allowing you to tailor your stay to your preferences.
  • Hamoa Beach: Located just a short distance from Hana, Hamoa Beach is a pristine crescent-shaped beach surrounded by lush vegetation and framed by dramatic cliffs. Spend a relaxing day lounging on the golden sands or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Haleakala National Park: Hana serves as an ideal base for exploring Haleakala National Park's eastern side. Witness the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala, immerse yourself in the surreal landscape of the crater, or embark on one of the park's hiking trails, revealing stunning vistas of Maui's coastline and interior.

Maui's Road to Hana is a remarkable journey that offers an abundance of natural wonders and sensory delights. From enchanting waterfalls to secluded black sand beaches, and the tantalising taste of fresh banana bread, every mile along this winding road is filled with breathtaking beauty. Consider extending your adventure by staying in Hana, where you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquility of this remote coastal town. The Road to Hana is an experience that captures the essence of Maui's natural splendour and leaves visitors with lasting memories.

History of the Road to Hana

In the 1800's a man named George Wilfong came to Maui and opened the very first sugar cane mill and workable plantation on the Island. As sugar production increased, Wilfong employed many Chinese immigrants to fill the needs of working the land.

As the sugar industry flourished, King Kalakaua made a deal with the United States to export sugar from Maui to the US duty free. The sugar industry then boomed. It was clearly evident that the need for a dependable roadway from Hana (where the sugar was grown and harvested) to Kahului (where the sugar was stored and exported).

As a result, the town of Hana flourished in the 1930s and 1940s. At one point, the town had 3500 residents, 2 movie theatres, 3 barber shops, and lots of stores and shops for the sugar plantation workers and their families. Unfortunately, after World War II the sugar industry on Maui was never the same and by the late 1940's there were almost no sugar plantations left on the Island.

Why is the Road to Hana Such a Hawaii Holiday Attraction?

The Hana Highway is a magnificently scenic route that visitors can drive at a leisurely pace. The entire route is spattered with beautiful lookouts of ocean and cliffs, hidden beaches, and a plethora of Hawaiian treasures that are sure to be appreciated.

Visitors arrive in the thousands every year on their Hawaii holidays to drive the Road to Hana with their families and loved ones. The entire route and trek is truly breathtaking and it is photos and memories of the Road to Hana that many people still find themselves affectionately recalling years after their trip to Hawaii.

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