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Experience the Poetic Art of Hula on Your Hawaiian

A luau, hula skirts, spinning fire, and kalua beef are all part of the images, smells and tastes that make a holiday in Hawaii an experience that will provide a lifetime of memories.

When you experience hula and fire dancing for the first time you will soon realize what all the fuss is about. The art of hula dancing is mesmerizing. It is seductive, graceful and powerful all at the same time. Fire twirling clubs and batons exude feelings of power and prowess. There’s a reason why images of Hawaiian natives doing the hula and fire dance are synonymous with the islands.

The History of Hula

Historically, hula dancing was a form of worship performed for the Volcano Goddess, Pele. Hi’aka, Pele’s sister, is the creator of the hula dance and first performed it for the volcano Goddess which she enjoyed very much. The Goddess Laka is the keeper of the dance. The legend states that Laka, separated her hula dancers into two groups:
The Agile Ones: Olapa

This is the group of younger one that represents energy and youthful vigor.

The Steadfast Ones: Ho’o-paa

This was the group of elders that played instruments and sang for the beautiful hula music.

You may be surprised to know that all hula dancing originates with only 6 movements. From there, it is only a matter of variation, creativity and interpretation that makes hula the graceful, smooth flow that we have all come to know.

Fire Dancing

This form of artful dancing has its origins in Samoa. There is some form of fire dancing in many Polynesian cultures and around the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean. Traditionally, the fire dancers and the dance itself was a form of tribal-warrior showing. This was done for two reasons. The first was as an act of power and warring. The second was to woo the women of villages.

From Ritualistic Worship and Bravado to Tourism

People that have visited and experience the Polynesian cultures over the centuries have quickly fallen in love with the hula and fire dancing performances. The acts of both are still very powerful to the native Hawaiians and other Polynesian cultures that reside on the Hawaiian Islands. For those on holiday and visitors to Hawaii, the performances of hula and fire dancing is an experience of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture that can never be found anywhere else. The performances can well up emotions of passion, romance, power and grace. So, whether you’re in Hawaii for an anniversary, honeymoon or just a casual holiday, then taking in a luau where there is hula and fire dancing to be performed will have a lasting effect on your soul.