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Kalapana Cultural Tours on Big Island

The Kalapana Cultural Tours Lava Walk is a pretty special thing to experience. There are very few places on Earth that you can stand on land that is so new and still being formed. The Big Island of Hawaii is one of those places. It is estimated that since the constant eruption of Kilauea began in 1983 that hundreds of acres of new land have formed as part of the Big Island.

Of course, lava walking and Kilauea tours are not something that you want to do alone and that’s why the Kalapana Lava Walk is so popular. Because of the erratic behavior and danger involved, the lava walk tours are sometimes put on hold. If your Hawaiian holiday does have you on the Big Island during a time when the Kalapana Lava Walk tours are going on, then you should definitely book it because not everyone will have the opportunity.

A Little Bit About Kalapana

The area of Kalapana was once the perfect Hawaiian village. It was the home of many of the last Hawaiian peoples and cultures on the Big Island. Unfortunately, Pele’s fury, of volcano and lava, has overtaken the area making it unlivable. Since the 1980’s, Pele has made the area a lava flow leaving only hints of civilization.

The Kalapana Cultural Tours Lava Walk

(As the situation permits)

Every third Friday in the months from February to June the lava walks will be available. The area of Kalapana is buried under lava rock but it is still the place that expert tour guides call home and always will.

Your tour guides will take you hiking through some of the most raw and newest land that the Earth has to offer. You feel the heat and smell the hot earth and molten lava.

Along the way, you will be treated to the sounds of Kalapana-style Hawaiian music and listen to stories of cultural myths and legends from the people who grew up believing it and practicing the beliefs.

Not only lava walk but the Kalapana Cultural Tours offer, bike tours, eco tours and boat tours as well.

When you are on your Hawaii holiday then you should consider it an honor to be given a culture tour and lava walk by the former inhabitants of Kalapana. They are the true survivors of an old Hawaiian way of life and the victims of present day Pele’s wrath