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Kauai Best Beaches

When it comes to beaches, the ones on the Island of Kauai are consistently voted as some of the best on Earth. They are long crescents of white sand, bordered on the front by warm turquoise water and in the back by the rich emerald of tropical forest.

Always be alert when going to the beach in Hawaii. There are some that have lifeguards and some that don’t. However, each beach in the state has warning signs that inform visitors of riptides or strong shore breaks. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and heed the warnings you will love the beaches of Kauai on your holidays in Hawaii

The Beaches of Kauai: Amongst the Best on the Planet

Anini Beach-North Shore

There is no lifeguard on duty at Anini Beach but it is still very safe. Coral protects the surf from becoming too much to handle for even novice swimmers. Stay close to shore (within the protective reef) and enjoy camping, fishing and paddle boarding.

Poipu Baby Beach-South Shore

No lifeguard on duty at this beach, either. It is very well protected and is a great place to introduce babies and toddlers to the wonders of ocean water. Don’t get Bay Poipu Beach confused with Poipu Beach Park which is usually more crowded. Enjoy calm waters that are crystal clear.

Salt Pond Beach-West Side

Best of the bunch for snorkeling activities for the entire family. There are numerous shallow pools where the young ones can enjoy snorkeling and there are additional, deeper tide pools on the East Side of the Beach for more advanced but still beginner snorkeling. There is a lifeguard on duty at Salt Pond Beach as well as showers and restrooms.

Kealia Beach-East Side

Stroll the beach and even have the chance to see whales during the winter months. It is a high-surf beach so it is a great spot for surfing and body-boarding. There are strong currents and wind swells at Kealia Beach so be sure to use caution. The beach can get crowded during the winter with surfers. The beach has showers, restrooms and picnic tables.

You can’t get better than Kauai Beaches! They are clean, white and gorgeous. Stroll the beach, paddleboard, snorkel, sun bathe or do them all on your Hawaiian Holiday on Kauai.