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Maui Hawaii Holiday Pineapple Tour

Maui Gold Pineapples: Worth Their Weight in Vitamin C

There are some little known facts about Maui that are always fun to talk about. For instance, Maui has no billboards. Nothing will block your view of the beautiful island while driving except for highway safety signs.

Another great little tidbit of trivia is that the Maui Gold Pineapples have 3 times the vitamin C as any other brand of pineapple. Say what! That’s right. The Maui Gold pineapple is rich in vitamins and they are specially grown so that it takes a full 18 month to reach peak ripeness. That’s a great way to back up your pineapple brand with health benefits, right?

Want to know more about Maui Gold Pineapples? Well, on your holiday to Maui be sure to check out the Maui Gold Pineapple plantation. Take a tour and see first-hand the only working Pineapple plantation left in the country.

Why Do Maui Gold Pineapples Taste SOOOO Good!

The Maui Gold Brand is known for its extra sweet flavor and very low acidity. This wasn’t done or accomplished by mistake. Over hundreds of years, talented horticulturists cross-bred many different types of pineapple until they were satisfied with just one strand. Yup. The Maui Gold.

What Else Makes Maui Gold Different?

While the taste is great, Maui Gold Pineapples are not the easiest things to grow. They are susceptible to drought, soil pathogens and temperature changes. For this reason it is important that pineapple be grown in the perfect conditions. Up country Maui is an ideal location having warm sunny days, cooler nights, fresh water and rich volcanic soil This is one of the reasons why the Maui Gold pineapple is so special: Lots of time and care went into each sweet chunk or juicy flavor that you put in your mouth.

The Maui Pineapple Tours

The Maui Gold Pineapple Company sits on 1,500 acres of awesomeness. One pointer, though, bring some sunscreen and a hat. The plantation is open and the Maui sun can beat down pretty hard.

The tours are offered 7 days a week on the picturesque and sweet smelling plantation that is located on the Hali’imaile Pineapple Plantation. You’ll get a guided tour and see the harvesting of the pineapples, packing and shipping procedures, and you’ll also get a FREE pineapple! That’s worth the experience right there.

So while you are on your Maui Hawaii holiday then it might be a great idea to take a pineapple tour of Hali’imaile. You learn how the world’s sweetest and healthiest pineapple is grown and even take one home with you!