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Na Pali Coastline by helicopter

Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle”. It is a largely “wild” Island that is covered in emerald green rain forest, tropical jungle, mountains and cliffs.

Kauai is perhaps the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands and the most romantic. Nothing throws passion and excitement into a relationship more than an adventurous helicopter ride over the lush island. During your Hawaii holidays on Kauai take your sweetheart on a circle island, helicopter tour and get your hearts racing from the beautiful sights.

Seen from above the colours of Kauai are bright green, red, brown and-as always on the Hawaiian Islands- the cool aqua of the ocean. It only makes sense to take a helicopter tour of the Island since 70% of it is inaccessible by land.

How to Choose the Right Helicopter Tour of Kauai

  • First of all, helicopter tours are safe. A competent pilot will make you feel at ease and allow you to take full advantage of the tour. There have been accidents in the past but they are very, very rare.
  • Do your research online at sites like TripAdvisor to choose the company that is right for you. Most are good and you’ll get a better feel for each company via online reviews.
  • Book ahead to make sure that you have the chance to take a tour when you’re actually on holiday in Kauai. Thousands of visitors per month visit the island so make sure you save yourself a spot.

The Beauty of the Na Pali Coastline

  • The Na Pali Coastline is a great tour to take by land or by sea. To really get that perfect view though, you need to be in a helicopter.
  • Literally translated “Na Pali” means “The Cliffs”. It is a 15 mile expanse of seaside cliffs on the Northwest shore of Kauai that will rock your belief in nature. Especially if you’re seeing them for the first time from the air.
  • During your Na Pali Coast helicopter tour your pilot will show you the Nualolo Valley (a former taro growing valley and fishing village), the Honopu Arch (a huge sea arch that has a white sand beach running right through it) and Ke’e Beach with a protected lagoon of abundant and living coral reef.
  • Tours of the Na Pali Coast, by helicopter, when visiting Kauai are magical. You’ll never forget the vibrant colors of the land on your Hawaiian holiday with your sweetheart by your side.