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Ride the Rim Tours on Big Island

Adventurous Fun!

Many people call the Ride the Rim Tours that they took part in on their Hawaii holiday as the best part of their trip. The ride is an exhilarating sweep along the edge of Kilauea Caldera that, after days on the beach playing with manta rays and sea turtles, is a nice and exciting twist in the plans.

The 10.6 mile (just over 17k) Crater Rim Drive circles the entire Kilauea Caldera.

Bonus Fact: A caldera is a large volcanic crater that is typically formed by an eruption leading to the collapse of the volcano mouth. Kilauea has been in constant eruption since 1983.

Make no mistake about it, the Kilauea Caldera is an active, volcanic hot zone. And you can ride around it on…ATVs!

The Rid the Rim Experience

First off, some disclaimers just so you’re prepared for the journey and the tour when you decide to embark and enjoy the tour:

  • The tour has a 16 years and older rule.
  • There is no tandem riding allowed.
  • Weight minimum is 100lbs(45kg) and maximum is 350lbs (159kg)

There is no experience necessary. You will have very seasoned tour guides that are expert riders and guides on the Kilauea Caldera. You’ll also be provided the necessary safety gear to wear on the tour.

For the older folks and kids who meet the above requirements but choose not to ride, they can ride in an open air, 4-wheel buggy to make sure that they get the full Rid the Rim experience.

Stops Along the Way on Ride the Rim Tours
  • First, the tour offers views of the Waipio Valley that you just can’t get anywhere else
  • You’ll zip through terrain that was meant to be ridden on an ATV: rocky, bumpy and with plenty of mud.
  • One of the stops is a gorgeous natural eucalyptus forest.The fresh smelling eucalyptus is awesome.
  • If you have allergies you may feel them a little bit with the eucalyptus.
  • You’ll stop at two lookout points to see the Caldera and the Waipio Valley.
  • Lunch is a real treat. You break for a bite to eat at King’s Bath
  • Enjoy a beautiful watering hole and swimming area. Aptly named, as King Kamehameha I swam there.

So, on your Hawaiian holiday, take a break from the luxury and pampering and take an ATV ride around the Kilauea Caldera. Get dirty! Get fast! Get smiling!