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The spouting horn of Kauai

The things that most people think of when on their holidays in Hawaii comes to mind is what you would expect: Beaches, snorkeling, surfing, warm water, and Waikiki. However, there is so much more than Hawaii then that. (Though, none of those things we just listed are bad…at all.)

We love it when people go on their Hawaiian holiday and come back with stories of wonder and amazement. They find aspects of the Islands that they never expected, and it takes them completely by surprise. One of those aspects is the natural wonders that you can see on ever island.

There are things that you don’t read about that often in Hawaii. Like the highest sea cliffs in the world on the Island of Molokai and…

The Spouting Horn of Kauai

The horn of Kauai is a natural lava tube on the southern coast of the Island. It is highly photographed. The water spurts from the lava tube as the surf rushes in and you can hear the roar and a hiss as the ocean is shot into the air.

Visiting the Spouting Horn of Kauai may bring a couple of things to mind. The site is akin to that of a geyser and/or a natural hot spring. And so much different at the same time. A child might see the world’s largest, natural squirt gun or a giant lizard trapped in a cave and spitting… Wait.. That sounds familiar…

The Legend of the Giant Moo and a Little Boy Named Liko

The giant moo's (lizard) name was Kaikapu, and he once guarded the coastline where the spouting horn of Kauai now is. If someone tried to swim or fish in the area, the moo would eat them.

One day, Liko went into the ocean to outsmart the Moo. When the lizard attacked, Liko thrust a stick into his mouth so that he couldn’t bite down. Then Liko escape by swimming away and up through a lava tube, to the surface.

The Moo followed but was too big for the opening and got stuck. To this day Kaikapu is stuck in the lava tube, and you can hear him breathing and see his spitting water.

The Spouting Horn of Kauai is definitely worth a visit during you holiday in Hawaii. With lots of free, ample parking, there really isn’t an excuse NOT to see this natural wonder with an awesome legend behind it.