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Swim with Manta Ray on Big Island Hawaii

There are certain things in the world that you can only do in a handful of places…maybe less.

  • Swim with sea turtles is one of them.
  • Watching an active volcano and flowing lava is another.
  • Being able to snorkel or scuba dive, day or night, with a Manta Ray…

“Well, now they’re just being ridiculous”, you may be saying to yourself. Actually, we’re not.

You can do all of those things on the Big Island of Hawaii during your holiday.

About the Manta Ray

Manta Rays are among the largest fishes in the world’s oceans. With a wing span of up to 20 feet and a huge overall size, it would seem that the Manta Ray is an intimidating partner to be with in the water. That’s not the case, though…

Swimming with a Manta Ray is almost dream-like. They are some of the most graceful creatures in the world. The gentle flapping of their wings pushes them through the water with such little resistance and difficulty that you would swear they are gliding on air. The Manta Rays are gentle and quite friendly, too, . Unlike stingrays and eagle rays, the manta rays do not have stingers.

They are cute and beautiful at the same time. When you see their eyes protruding on stalks, their wide-gaping mouths to capture the plankton that they feed on, and the flapping of their wings you really want to laugh and hug them at the same time. (Don’t try to hug them, though!)

The Kona Coast and Manta Ray Tours

The Kona Coast is one of the best places to spot Manta Rays, both day and night. Two really great resorts to catch a top-notch Manta Ray experience are the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay. Spotlights are used to attract the Manta Ray by illuminating the plankton that the rays feed on.

However, to really be in touch and experience the Manta Ray on your Hawaiian Holiday then you really should go on a guided, nighttime boat tour. One of these tours takes place and is sponsored by the Sheraton. Huge lights are lit on the ocean floor and you can scuba (if you’re certified) or snorkel with the Manta Ray as they feed on the illuminated plankton. It really is a time that you’ll never forget and it is perfect for young and old alike.