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Visiting Pearl Harbor Hawaii

On December, 7th 1941, Japanese bombers and attacking planes struck Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. At the time, nearly all of the United States Pacific Fleet was sitting unaware in the harbor. The sneak attack was one of the worst episodes in US history and one of the most changing moments in world history.

At the time, the US was moving slowly to conflict with Japan and the rest of the Axis powers but had yet to display too much aggression. Britain was toiling toughly against Hitler and the German forces, while France had already been conquered. The attack on Pearl Harbor brought the US formally into the battle with formal Declarations of War on Japan, Germany and Italy soon after the event.

No other place in the state of Hawaii has more meaning and bearing on the eventual victory over Hitler by British, US and Allied troops than Pearl Harbor. It’s not a place that you should miss when you are on holiday in Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Specifics

Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial are now part of a larger US tribute called the “World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument”. The other pieces of the monument are in California and Alaska.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is open daily from 7am to 5pm. Tours to the USS Arizona start at 8am and end at 3pm. The USS Arizona Memorial is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November) and New Year’s Day.

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

Walk through a completely interactive homage and educational tour of the entire Pearl Harbor bombing, the events leading up to it, the war in the Pacific and the key players on all sides of the events.

The USS Arizona Memorial

Take a ferry, operated and owned by the US Navy, to the large white-marbled monument that still rests upon the battleship where she lays on the bottom of the harbor.

Some Things You Learn at Pearl Harbor and the Memorial
A list of all US Navy ships and crewmembers that were lost during World War II
There are still deceased sailors entombed within the USS Arizona as a matter of respect
Oil still slicks the surface of the water in small spots that is from the Arizona. You’ll see these from the memorial.
Survivors of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona have the option to be interred with their shipmates when they pass.

While a holiday to Hawaii is fun and relaxing, you should definitely not miss out on a chance to learn more about World War II on your trip. If you have young ones then it is a great way to educate them, and yourself, on World War II and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.