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Waterfalls on Big Island Hawaii

The Natural Wonder of the Big Island: Waterfalls and Secret Spots

Big Island Hawaii is pretty, well…big. There is a lot of room on the Island for nature to take hold and totally dominate the scene. The Big Island is a little bit of Oahu and Kauai mixed into one huge rock in the Pacific Ocean. You’re Hawaiian Holiday on the Big Island can be filled with nature’s magic if you choose to trek around and see all of the waterfalls that the Big Island has to offer.

There’s a secret to all of the waterfalls on Hawaii Island, though: You’ll never see them all if you only drive or walk to them all. The real secret is to take to the air and see some of the “secret” waterfalls that can only be seen by helicopter. Why? Because many of them are inaccessible and can’t be reached on the ground.

The Big Island’s Greatest Waterfalls on the Ground

Along the northeastern coast of the Big Island, near Hilo and within the Hamakua Coast you can see some of the greatest waterfalls in the world.

Akaka Falls is located in the state park that is named after the waterfall. Akaka Falls is a massive 442 foot waterfall that will drop your jaw. You’ll also be able to see Kahuna Falls which, at 100 feet tall, is still beautiful.

Or, take a guided tour into the Waipio Valley. Towards the back of the valley, where King Kamehameha I was raised, is the towering 1,300 foot Hilawe Falls.

The Big Island’s Greatest Waterfalls by Air

Hawaii’s sky adventure helicopter tours are both adventurous and romantic. There is something to be said for two lovers to experience hidden waterfalls hidden from the public deep within the Hawaiian tropical forest. There are numerous waterfalls to see on the Big Island by helicopter. The best helicopter tours will take you to all of the hot places in one trip. You’ll still be shown places like Akaka Falls, Hakuna Falls and Hilawe Falls. However, you will also be shown lots of the other beautiful waterfalls like Rainbow Falls, Umauma Falls, and Onomea Falls. In fact, you’re best bet at romance and seeing as many waterfalls as possible is to do it on a helicopter tour. Two great Big Island Helicopter tour companies to consider hiring on your Hawaiian Holiday are Discover Hawaii Tours and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.